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I have used this recipe from their cookbook for over a decade. Great base for whatever you choose to add. We frequently swap out 2% to get the fat content down a little but you have to decide if you are happy with the change in texture from loss of fat. I personally think it's a small price to pay for somewhat healthier ice cream. If you add fruit, such as blueberries, I suggest adding them highly chilled to slightly frozen but not completely frozen. This will help the ice cream set at a reasonable speed.

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mweingar September 12, 2012

This makes a great base for any icecream. I have been making it for year in my old fashion ice cream maker. The creamier you want it the higher fat milk you use. Less creamy add less fat. I have made it with light half and half and 1/2% milk. Just comes out with larger ice chunks. Always awesome. Couldn't find my cook book so was thankful to find it here. Surprised no rave reviews. Very easy and very yummy.

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dollbedmaker March 11, 2012
Ben and Jerry's Vanilla Ice Cream Recipe