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This was surprising better than I expected! The flavor was subtle and enjoyable. Admittedly, this is a very fatty cut. By roasting it on a rack, the fat that melted off the roast, stayed off the roast. A lot more healthy than corned beef or bacon because at least there aren't the nitrates of cured meat. There was work in the prep (zesting 3 lemons), but that was all done the night before. Roasting it on a rack over water kept the splattering down and the oven stayed clean. That was good. Served it with boiled potatoes and steamed broccoli and carrots. Didn't make the salsa because we do not like coriander. Served it with mustard. I'd do it again, but rarely.

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ThymeWaits January 13, 2007

I bought a pork belly strips at a Laotina market because I knew there would be a great recipe for it somewhere on the 'zaar. The flavor of this is really nice, very succulent. I hope my out-of-focus photo conveys its deliciousness. It's a lot of work to cook and carve for just a bit of meat, but it was worth doing once!

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fluffernutter March 05, 2006
Belly of Pork With Garlic, Lemon and Thyme