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After reading everyone's posts, and hearing that some felt this main dish was bland tasting, I decided to kick this dish up a notch, so I used a mild Italian sausage in place of the hamburger, and boy did that really give this main dish lots of flavor. Also when making this... I decreased the elbow macaroni to 12 ounces, and used a 1/4 cup of yellow diced onion, plus I used 1-1/2 teaspoons of jarred minced garlic, also used 1-(14.5 oz.) can of plain/regular diced tomatoes, and 1-(14.5 oz.) can Del Monte Diced Tomatoes with Garlic & Onion (in place of the 28-oz. can of whole tomatoes). After I browned the sausage, onion and garlic, (and draining off any excess grease), I then heated the meat, tomatoes, and soup all together in the same skillet while I cooked the macaroni. And once the soup was incorporated into the meat/tomato mixture, I then added 1-cup of shredded (sharp) cheddar cheese, and stirred till the cheese was all most mixed in, but not completely melted in. After I added the meat/tomato mixture and the macaroni into a 4-quart baking dish, I topped the casserole with 1-cup of the shredded cheese. I loved how the cheese on top the casserole, was a bit crusty after it baked in the oven. I really liked how this main dish turned out, and will make it again, but next time, I will make this using ground beef, probably use stewed tomatoes, and a can of Campbell's Fiesta Nacho Soup. The possibilities in making this main dish are endless!!

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Domestic Goddess May 23, 2014

This was pretty good and not as bland as some of the other reviewers made it out to be but I did make a few minor changes due to ingredients on hand! I used 1 box of elbow macaroni, one 14 oz can of stewed tomatoes, one 14 oz can of diced tomatoes, about 1.5 tbsp garlic you get from a jar, 1lb ground beef, onion powder, a can of pepper jack cheese soup, and shredded cheddar on top. It could use a little bit more spice but the guys still ate it up! Next time I might try another users suggestion of hormel no bean chili instead of ground beef even though it is terrible for the body!

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cmn587 December 04, 2011

This was a huge dissapointment...even added an extra can of soup, but that did nothing for the flavor...very bland. Also, had way too many noodles.

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gailparks August 26, 2011

I made this tonight for my family. They loved it. I added a teaspoon of Red Wine Vinegar and used diced tomatoes with Italian seasoning. We added sour cream to our bowls and plenty of salt and pepper. All in All, it was pretty good.

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Bekahbv May 25, 2011

I thought it was a bit boring. Instead of the cheese soup, i made a sauce from velveeta, chicken broth and hotsauce. Also, i used a can of chili-ready diced tomatoes. I think ill add salsa and another can of chili-ready next time. If i had jalapenos, i wouldve added them. I wish i could think of more STUFF to put in this! This has some potential to be a college kid's dream recipe. Ill try this again. Thanks for posting!

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gimme_a_spachler' May 02, 2010

A perfect dinner for this cool fall weather. We just served it with pear, romaine lettuce and blue cheese salad and Mexican corn. What a treat. Derf, Thank you for posting this yummy recipe.

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Kendra Jean's Kitchen October 28, 2009

Very easy, very tasty recipe. These are the changes I made: left out the onion and garlic ( I didn't have any on hand) I used a can of diced tomatoes with oregano and basil, and I added two cans of cheese soup rather than one. It made a LOT. Which was great, its given me and dh lunch for a few days. Thanks for the post!

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SaffronMeSilly October 15, 2009

I respect your family's recipe and I am very appreciative that you posted it to share with others. However, in my honest opinion I think this recipe lacked flavor. I tried adding spice to tinker with it without luck. Sorry.

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ktmc330 October 14, 2009

I am a college student, so I don't have a lot of money to spend on food. I made this recipe because the ingredients were cheap and easy to find and I planned on eating it all week. I loved it! It's delicious, easy to make, easy to reheat, and cheap. The cheese sauce really made it good. I substituted garlic powder for the garlic cloves and used ground turkey instead of ground beef. I will definitely be making this again. I have a picture tutorial of this recipe on my blog: http://www.dreamindomestic.com/2009/10/12/revamping-recipes-belly-buster/

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Sarah R. October 12, 2009
Belly Buster