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Quite enjoyable flavor, which received thumbs up from my Belgian husband. The liquid portion was more liquid than I would have hoped (I like a more stew-like consistency, but according to my dh, acceptable for waterzooi). Four portions is an underestimate in my opinion; serves at least 6, generously. Allow me to be pedantic, for a moment: it doesn't come from Brussels at all, but rather from the city of Ghent (my dh's birthplace)- to accredit it to Brussels is tantatmount to crediting Boston Cream Pie to Chicago (the dish is properly known as GENTSE WATERZOOI). Waterzooi, by the way, is translated as "mess" or "a whole lot of"; it was the poor people's way of stretching a few ingredients a long way. It really is comfort food, and this is a good recipe for it-one, I think, my mother-in-law would be proud of. Thanks for posting, Sharon.

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FlemishMinx July 03, 2005
Belgium Chicken Waterzooi