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This was a pleasant supper dish that went together quickly; the flavors blended to perfection for our leftovers. Updated: raised to 4 stars now that directions specify when to add garlic. The saffron rice was perfect! The skillet steps timed nicely with the rice's 20 minutes. I question the need to preheat the oven to 350F when the chicken has already been cooked during stir-frying; wouldn't a warm setting do the trick? For my taste, I would halve the orange zest and the cardamom. Please consider listing the ingredients in the order used, as that makes it easier to follow. Also, it would be helpful to designate whether your herbs and spices were dried/ground or fresh. I used the Shopping List and bought fresh ginger, but decided during prep that you intended ground ginger. For us, the chicken (2 U.S. super-sized breasts) made 2-3 servings, and the rice made 4-5 servings. Made for Please Review My Recipe.

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KateL July 24, 2013

Photo may be seen here (in Savor): www.annacia.com.<br/>I made 2 servings of this yummy recipe using pimento stuffed green olives (I have 3 jars that I'm trying to use, lol), sliced carrot, and added a small scatter of raisins in place of the bit of sugar. It's quick and simple to make and light enough on the calories to leave no guilt. The flavors are great and I would surely make this again.

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Annacia May 09, 2013
Bejeweled Chicken and Saffron Rice