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I absolutely LOVE this dough recipe. I have done both a refridgerator rise and a normal rise with a cloth on top of the dough (until doubled in size). This makes great beignets too!! I can't fry them fast enough for my crew. I do add vanilla into the dough when I add milk.

I also love to use this dough to make king cakes and cinnamon rolls. If you use the dough for a king cake, divide it in half after the dough has doubled in size. Roll it out to a big rectangle, add your choice of filling, roll up and push ends into each other to make an oval. Put on greased baking sheet and bake 375 for 30-40 minutes. Then ice!! Just make sure you divide dough in half....other wise you will have a HUGE king cake that may take over your oven!!

Thank you for a very easy versitle recipe! I have been using it for about 4 months now and I just love it!!!

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lsustacy February 16, 2011

Just like the Milocat, I started on my beignet journey after watching "The Princess and the Frog". The first time I tried this recipe I overworked the dough and used too much flour, not realizing that the dough needs to be much stickier than dough I'm used to working with. Lesson learned: do NOT, whatever you do, use an electric mixer with this recipe, and don't be afraid if the dough is uber sticky.

Also, since I was too impatient to wait 24 hrs for my beignets, I just let the dough rise until doubled in size at room temperature (about 2 hrs) and the beignets were still delightfully puffy.

I now have enough beignets to feed a small army even after using just a quarter of the dough, so next time, I'll be sure to halve the recipe. I'm going to try freezing the dough to see how well it keeps.

Bottom line- yum! Heart attack in 5 years here I come!

Be certain not to make more beignets than you're going to eat at one go. Once fried, they do *not* keep well, even overnight.

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melilia October 27, 2010

Never again will I buy Cafe Du Monde beignet mix. Although I'm not a fan of using yeast this recipe was so very easy. The beignets were wonderful!!! I will agree with other reviewers who said that it makes a huge amount of food. I used about 2/3 of the dough and got about 50 beignets. I probably make them a bit smaller than recommended though. I did not leave the dough in the frig overnight either. I'm going to leave what's left over in the frig and fry it up in a day or so. I also used my kitchen aid to mix the dough. Absolutely fantastic recipe!!!!!!!

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Sunnybrook July 29, 2009

I made this recipe last night and fried the Beignets this morning and served them with cafe au lait; reminded me of Cafe du Monde in New Orleans. Best Beignet recipe I have made, easy with a few adjustments. Instead of the hand mixing, I used my normal Kitchen Aide blade on 2 to mix the first four cups of flour into the batter, then I switched to the bread hook and added the rest of the batter, increased the speed for dough and let run until the dough cleaned the sides of the bowl and formed a ball. Other than that, I followed the recipe exactly. I only fried up half the recipe as it makes a lot of dough and used the other half to make some awesome Cinnamon Rolls. The rolls have light, tender bread with a slight sweet taste in addition to the cinnamon and sugar mixture. YUM, definitely a keep, I would have served both in my Tea Room if I still had it opened.

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heavenlyherbs January 25, 2009

The whole family loved these heavenly, deep-fried treats. I halved the recipe and I still managed to make 15 beignets! Better than donuts (I think - let me get a donut!), crispy outside, puffy/tender inside, and a nice sprinkling of icing sugar to lend just the right sweet note. Not for everyday - definitely special.

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evelyn/athens April 16, 2004

Ok so I finally tried this recipe and it was just ok. I read the reviews so I guess I expected to be wowed but actually I was a little under whelmed. The recipe was easy to make, I just threw everything in the mixer, and it was fun to see them puff up when they were frying but the taste was like fried bread.

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coljam21 February 03, 2012

This Recipe is AMAZING! you honestly don't have to make it 24hrs. before you need it. i only waited 4hrs. and it was perfectly fine! :) its pretty sticky, but that was alright. its very easy to roll out.


to COAT (and i mean COAT!!) the Beignets in powdered sugar, i suggest first sticking all of the beignets in a trash bag (unused, of course!) and then melting butter in the microwave (it depends how much you make, i make a little over 24 and i used 3/4 of a stick) and pour it into the bag with the beignets in it. then, once you have shaken the bag until you feel all the beignets have been coated, pour in the powdered sugar. how ever much sugar you would like is great. this will make them super sweet! i am defiantly going to make these again!

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Brovitsky February 02, 2012

These did not puff up as much as I'd hoped they would. Through trial and error, I ended up folding them in half to make them thicker, and they puffed up more then. These are really tasty covered in powdered sugar, and we might try them again, but I'm looking for a denser beignet more like what our bakery here makes. Thanks for sharing a tasty recipe, though! My children LOVED these this morning for breakfast. Update: I made the second half of the dough without rolling it. I just pinched off and slightly flattened the dough before frying and it puffed up while remaining dense and eggy! I'll cook them this way from now on.

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Queen Roachie January 29, 2012

First time making beignets. It was super easy, and very tasty. My kids gobbled them. I used whole milk and just let it rise for about 2 hours at room temperature. I am really looking forward to making the remaining 2/3 of the dough tomorrow and seeing how it turns out.

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misslissa 121 April 28, 2011

Made these for an army of eaters and they still disappeared quickly! Thanks for posting; we'll definitely make them again!

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Oleaceae March 07, 2011