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After a search for a real good recipes to do. And with resulted in other similar recipes, this one would receive the Nobel Pie Prize if such an accolade existed. I can do my happy food dance now!! I've will added this to my recipe book. THANK YOU !!!

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CHEF GRPA October 18, 2012

Wow was this recipe excellent Forevermama. It was quick and easy to make with ingredients that are always found in my pantry ... this could be a bad thing, I ate all the beignets that I made, thank goodness I only made a third of the recipe. They were soooo good. Next time, I will make the whole recipe. I absolutely love french toast and donuts, this is a lovely combination of the two. The french toast beignets were light, tender and full of flavor. I coated them in homemade Vanilla Sugar for a really decadent treat. I raved about them so much that my french toast hating dh, asked where his were, hahaha .... he' ll have to wait till next month when I make these for my brothers visit. They are going to enjoy these very much. Thank you so much for sharing a recipe that I will make again and have placed in my Best of 2013 Cookbook. Kudos to you.

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Baby Kato February 17, 2013
Beignet French Toast