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If this comes out like the wild grape wine I make using a similar recipe it deserves 5 stars. My method differs in that, after 3 days I strain the wine through several layers of cheeze cloth or clean wet dish towel, wash the crock and put the wine back into the crock. stir every day and skim, strain again in 4 days, wash the crock, put wine back in crock and stir every day and skim, on the eleventh day it is ready to be bottled. The older it gets the better it gets. I used to give a bottle of this to my priest for Christmas when I made a large batch one time. third year I ran out so gave him Jelly in stead. He stopped me after mass and asked me if I was mad at him, I said no why, He said this year you only gave me jelly and not jelly and wine and I told him I ran out of the wine. Then he told me he had to make a special trip to buy the Chridtmas communion wine because he had been using the wine I gave him for Christmas communion.

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Gramma Pat August 28, 2002
Beet Wine