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I made this recipe while participating in 'Recipe Dare', it was my payback recipe. Evelyn's recipe is well written and works out exactly as she states, the Skordalia Dressing ended up smooth and creamy. The beets and their greens were perfectly cooked and very good. I don't feel I'm qualified to give this recipe it's due. The flavor of the dressing is not familiar to us and we couldn't get past the tastes that we're not used to. I'm sure that someone more familiar with Skordalia will be able to review this recipe better than I'm able to.

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Hey Jude June 29, 2003

There are many steps, but this is rather easy to make. The presentation is attractive and the Skordalia Dressing was out of this world. I will more than likely be using the directions for the Skordalia Dressing to use on other foods.

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Mimi Bobeck July 26, 2003

Judy, Skordalia is probably unknown to a lot of people. Basically, it's a very thick (consistency of mashed potatoes - and potatoes are a vehicle for this dressing, of course), very garlicky puree. In this salad, the creamy, garlicky skordalia offsets the sweet/tartness of the beets.

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evelyn/athens July 01, 2003
Beet Salad With Skordalia Dressing (Garlic-Potato Puree)