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I am so glad I found this recipe! I love making homemade pizza, but after a few years of using the traditional yeast dough recipes, I got frustrated- it just took too long! I love this recipe because you mix it, knead briefly and it's ready to be used, no waiting to rise! I've made this twice now, both times using Miller beer. The only change I made was that I added 1 tablespoon of sugar (just my preference). I have a rolling pin, but I'm too lazy to bother with it, so I oiled my hands with olive oil and pressed the dough into shape. This last time, I wanted more dough, and I actually added an extra cup of flour while keeping all other ratios the same, It still came out great! I cut the dough in half and make 2 small-medium crusts. I think the final results really come close enough to a traditional yeast pizza crust for me, and in a fraction of the time. I love this recipe, I will use it forever!

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Mooncrystle February 17, 2008

I thought the taste was amazing I used a can of Bucsh Beer. I think next time I'll either cook it at a lower temp. or give the dough time to rise or something to try to make it fluffier. This is a great way to spice up a boring homemade crust.

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MILOHEATHER September 26, 2002

To my surprise the recipe turned out great. I didn't have any yeast in the house so I decied to give this one a try. Actually I found the dough even easier to work with using this method. A lot less sticky than my usual yeast recipe. The only thing I did differently was coat the dough with oil and let it rise a little bit in a glass dish. It makes the dough rise more so you get a fluffy but crunchy on the inside crust.

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mtdrumz July 07, 2012

Great recipe to have on hand when you don't have time to wait around for a crust to rise. I used a micro brew and think a light beer would have tasted better, but it was still very good. Kind of chewy, but light. Thanks for sharing the recipe.

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Lucky in Bayview January 30, 2015

It's never too early for beer, so I decided to use this recipe to make breakfast pizza! I didn't end up using the entire can of beer and the dough was still very sticky, but once I flipped it onto a floured surface and kneaded it for a bit, it turned out great. I used this to make two pizzas baked in aluminum cake pans, and the crust was very thick. You could easily get 3 pizzas of this size from one recipe. Topping ideas: Egg whites, Spinach, Oscar Mayer real bacon bits, Goat cheese, and Tomatoes -- YUM

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MariaCBarton November 05, 2011

I usually purchase store bought pizza dough mix because I don't have time to waste waiting for yeast dough to rise. Well, I will purchase those mixes no more! This was super fast to make tasted fantastic. I used a locally brewed beer and honestly, you couldn't really taste the beer (which is good because the pizza was me and my kids and they hate beer flavor). But it was very doughy and very tasty. It tasted like a regular yeast dough and was nice and soft. We will be making this recipe from here on out.

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Nealewill January 03, 2015

I am so excited I found this recipe! I had no yeast and I'd promised the kids pizza... it was awesome! Delicious, easy to make, and much lighter than the pizza crusts I am used to making. It also cooked so much faster, dinner was on the table in no time! This is my new, go-to pizza crust! Thanks so much!

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Karyn G. March 27, 2014

I'm usually a thin crust guy but today I wanted to make a deep dish pizza with cheese stuffed crust. I used the beer and yeast; it produced a fluffy, awesome crust. I let it rise for six hours and I punched it down twice during that time. To additionally customize the pizza, I use a half tbsp of Italian seasoning and one tsp of sugar. When making the pizza, I used cheese sticks that were split i half to stuff the crust. Nice recipe.

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echoman365 June 18, 2012
Beer Pizza Crust