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Was looking specifically for a chuck marinade b/c hubby, who doesn't eat meat, thinks all steaks are the same and picked up a chuck steak for me when he did the grocery shopping. I usually don't marinade, but I was worried that the cut would be too tough so I looked this up. All I can say is, WOW! This marinade made the meat sooo tender and juicy! And that is saying a lot considering I was grilling a very thin, bone-out steak! This recipe is a great find and will go in the keeper file! I may just try it on other cuts, as well!!

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snoelle1 August 22, 2010

My family really enjoyed this recipe. After I pulled the steaks out of the marinade I put the marinade in a fry pan and sauted the onions to see what they would be like. They turned out really nice and were good over to of the steak. I only had some thinly sliced steaks, but next time I want to use some chuck steak like the recipe called for.

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Cookin' Dad of 5 July 06, 2008

We really wanted to love this, but it just did not have alot of flavor. I even added a Tablespoon of grill seasoning to the marinade. It did however make this inexpensive cut of meat tender. I also tossed the onions on the coals but I really didn't notice anything different by doing that. I will try it again, but to get my family to eat it I will really have to spice it up, not necessarily heat, but seasoning.

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Michelle S. June 23, 2008

I had always stayed away from chuck steaks due to the high content and inexpensive price. I figured Yuck!!! ...This is the recipe that has made me a convert!!!! With a husband and 4 kids, finding a steak recipe like this is a Godsend. (They usually want proterhouse, skirt, or shell.) I used Coors Light, as I did not want it to taste to "stouty". Followed the directions exactly. As not wanting to overcook it, I kind of acidently undercooked it. Then I had to throw it in a pan on the stove, figuring that I really screwed something up. I thought that it would get really tought, but I was mistaken. It was great!! (I actually made this last week and never got a chance to post a rating.) I am making it again tonight, and probable every week for the rest of my life (LOL) THANK YOU

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Princess Flowerbreath April 28, 2008

I used this marinade last night for London Broil and it was geat. Used a little more dry mustard than was called for only because my son was doing the measuring and he went a little nuts, but it was delicious. Thanks for a great recipe that I will definantly use again!

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JoJoStar April 11, 2008
Beer Marinated Chuck Steak for the Grill