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Wonderful chicken! I used 3 pounds of chicken breasts, Coors Light beer, vegetable oil and omitted the cayenne pepper. Marinated for 24 hours (overnight) including the time in the refrigerator to dry off for an hour. Chicken is not DH's favorite but he enjoyed this a lot. Could taste a bit of the beer and the seasonings I always have on hand. Want to try this on wings and drumsticks next. Thanks hon for sharing this great recipe. Made and reviewed for the Game Forum's - Please Review My Recipe Tag Game.

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lauralie41 June 30, 2010

Excellent! I've wanted to try brining for a while now and then I see this recipe that uses beer and brown sugar and think now is the time to try it! I used skinless, boneless chicken breasts so only made 1/2 recipe of brine. Brined for 24 hours then 7 minutes on the George Foreman. Both my partner and I loved these. Thank you!

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Chef-Boy-I-Be Illinois September 09, 2009

We made this with chicken thighs for easier serving, flexibility to add cayenne only to one pan, and all dark meat. That reduced the cooking time by a third, but otherwise worked just fine. Since we brined it longer than we planned, we were worried about it being too salty, but it wasn't; the beer flavor was fairly noticeable, however. Moist, savory, and delicious, we all enjoyed it. Made for PRMR.

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Lavender Lynn August 30, 2009

I had never brined a bird before (always leery of the salt) but this one didn't seem like as much salt called for. The beer really added a lot of flavor to the chicken and the meat turned out so moist. I have never seen 2-gallon size zipper bags and my bird wouldn't fit in a 1-gallon bag, so I put the chicken in a large, deep bowl and pour the brine over it, and turned the chicken over a few times during the brining process. The rub is a nice added touch. Very good! Thanks for this keeper.

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Mikekey November 11, 2012

What a delicious treat we had for dinner tonight! I love the moisture/slight saltiness imparted by the brine, the subtle beer flavor in the meat, and the star turn for paprika in the rub. I can't bring myself to eat chicken skin (ick) so I massaged the rub between the skin and meat so I would still taste it after removing the skin. Good call on my part--the meat was flavored beautifully. The breast meat was quite tender and moist, despite the fact that my bird took 1 1/2 hours to cook through. Thanks, diner, for yet another dinner delight! Made for Best of 2010 tag.

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smellyvegetarian February 06, 2011

We made these on the grill over the weekend and we all enjoyed them. I followed the recipe as written.

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bmcnichol November 22, 2010

This chicken was AMAZING!!! I have heard about brining poultry before cooking for a moist, tender bird, but this was the first time I had used this technique. I followed the recipe exactly as written. I brined the chicken for approximately 16 hours and skipped the one hour drying time. I inserted a meat thermometer into the thickest part of the thigh and set it for 170°. Once the alarm went off, I turned the oven off and let the chicken set in the oven for about 10 minutes until the thermoeter registered 175°. Then I removed the chicken and tented it with aluminum foil while I prepared mashed potatoes. I let the chicken rest for 15 minutes. When I carved the chicken, I could see the juices in the meat. I normally do not care for white meat because it is too dry, but this was phenomenal. The seasonings on the chicken really gave a good flavor to the gravy I made from the drippings. This recipe is definitely company worthy and is going straight into my keeper file. Thanks, diner, for another perfect recipe. :) Made for Summer 2009 Photo Tag. Update: This recipe is in my Top Favorites of 2009 Cookbook.

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Crafty Lady 13 January 31, 2010

This chicken was absolutely PHENOMENAL!!! It was moist and very very flavourful. I opted to not use the cayenne and followed the directions to a 'T''. I used a good ol' Canadian pale ale. I would recommend that you use a good beer that you enjoy because it really adds to the taste. This recipe is a keeper! Made for Gimme 5. Thanks diner! :)

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Nif January 14, 2010

Fantastic moist chicen!! We only had time to brine the whole chicken for 6 hours and did not let the chicken dry for an hour. Nevertheless it was awesome!! We will be making this again for sure. Made for 123 Tag.

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Deantini October 25, 2009
Beer-Brined Chicken