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I gave this mix away as Christmas gifts mixed up in plastic zip lock bags tucked into a red lunch sack along with a bottle of beer. Finally, after all this time (it's almost Easter now) I figured I should make it to see what it tasted like. It is a very good and unusual tasting beer bread. It doesn't get the usual quick bread rounded shape, it is almost flat on top. I used corn flour in place of the corn meal as it has a finer texture. (Corn flour is available from Bob's Red Mill). For my Christmas mixes, I used Kraft pre-grated Parmesan cheese, but I did use fresh grated for my own. I also melted 1/4 cup butter and poured over the top prior to baking. It was great! LonghornMama, thank you for posting a wonderful recipe!

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Rose is Rose March 04, 2008

This is so good! It is like a cross between cornbread and beer bread. I can't wait to try it with sharp cheddar and green chilies in place of the parmesan and red pepper flakes. I think it might also be good just plain without the cheese or peppers with just jelly on top. This recipe is so versatile!

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Mika G. November 17, 2007

This is fabulous bread! I made up a loaf just to give it a try. DH and I loved it! I added a cup of shredded cheese to the batter and 1tsp of minced garlic too. Turned out great! This is a keeper for sure. Its so easy to put together and done in a flash. Thanks for sharing the recipe.

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Marsha D. December 12, 2005
Beer Bread Mix (with Gift Tag Directions)