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Good stuff- hubby and guests loved it!I had to do a bit of "guess and by-golly" as I don't have a bread machine and I am new to the whole bread making process... made the starter- no prob. For the rest: I proofed the yeast in the milk with a touch of sugar for 5 minutes. Combined the egg, oil and salt. Added milk/yeast mixture and oil/egg mixture to the starter and added enough flour so that the dough didn't stick to the bowl. Then turned out on a floured surface and kneaded, adding flour to prevent stickiness, until dough was smooth and elastic (about 10 minutes). Put dough in a floured bowl and left to rise, covered, one hour. Punched down and let rest 10 minutes then formed into a slightly flattened ball. Lightly greased my baking stone then covered with steel cut oats (corn meal would work too) then placed the dough on the stone and left to rise, covered, another hour. In a small pan I boiled 1/3 cup of water and 1 teaspoon of cornstarch until thick and clear. When dough was ready to bake I brushed on the "wash" then cut a tic-tac-toe design in the top of the bread (like sourdough) then baked it at 350* until it sounded hollow when tapped (about 30 minutes). Served this with Mushroom Stew #19044 and Miller's Guiness's cake. A nice beer-y meal. ;) Oh, and used MacTarnahan's Blackwatch Cream Porter...very nice. Sorry about the book- I just want those, who, like me don't have a bread machine, to know that this is still a recipe that can be made with good results.

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BothFex March 02, 2003

I followed this recipe to the T. Didn't change a thing. Having absolute faith in Cindy's recipes, I doubled the recipe. The first starter was used just 12 hours after I made it, and I left the other starter alone for 24 hours before I made the second one. I personally didn't think it made much of a difference leaving it for 12 or 24 hours. It was an extremely fragrant loaf of bread. I can see this being a bread made very often in my house. Thanks Cindy for yet another wonderful recipe.

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KitchenManiac March 04, 2003

WOW, this is really a very good tasting bread the texture is great. Easy to make. I served it with my delicious homemade Vegetable beef soup.. This recipe will be a regular in our house, Thanks Cindy.

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Barb Gertz January 28, 2003

This bread worked really well when I used 1 c unbleached white flour mixed with the beer, turbinado sugar , and yeast and let sit out overnight. The next day I used 1 c. stone ground whole wheat and 1 c. spelt flours for the rest of the flour and it turned out to be a nice loaf!

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Chef Debsteroo April 03, 2008

Very good bread. It doesn't taste beery (for those that might be afraid to try it) but has a good yeasty flavour. Mixed the starter and the rest of the ingredients in my KitchenAid with the dough hook (speed 2 until it came together, speed 1 for 1 minute after that). Added almost another cup of flour while mixing, then decided a sticky dough is fine. Placed in a greased bowl and let rise until double. Punched down and transferred to a sprayed loaf pan. Allowed to rise again until it was over the edge of the pan. Baked in a countertop convection oven at 350 degrees for 20 minutes, laid foil over the top, and baked for 20 minutes more. Ate it with beef stew made with....the rest of the bottle of beer! Very very good.

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DancesInGarden December 29, 2006

Good bread, whose flavour reminded me of my Grandma's bread, strangely (maybe 'cause it's an enriched dough, whereas my daily bread has no egg, sugar, fat or milk). Very pleasant to knead (I made it by hand, thank you so much BothFex for the instructions!) and it rose beautifully. Dissolving the yeast in so little milk was a bit hard, but of course, this is not the recipe's fault, since it's written for the ABM! The beer I used was a brown ale. I served it at a beer themed dinner and it was appreciated by our guests. Thank you for posting!

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Anne La Quebecoise January 05, 2006

Excellent bread. I love beer bread and this went perfectly with our beef stew last night. This will be made again and I know it will find its way to many a bunco night with some spinich dip. Thanks much, its a keeper for sure

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Carb Lover March 20, 2005

Another keeper! We all loved this one. I used yogurt instead of milk and substituted 1/2 c. wholewheat flour. My only additon to the receipe is to " drink" the rest of the beer while your bread machine is working. Thanks for sharing. Maryanne

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BakinBaby February 25, 2005

Fabulous! this is one of the best bread machine recipes i have made. very light and airy with a sweet flavor. I highly recommend this recipe. When i went to take a photo i noticed half the loaf was gone! that says it all.

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chia March 14, 2004
Beer Bread