Beer-Battered Fish With Tartar Sauce

Total Time
Prep 15 mins
Cook 15 mins

One of the things that sticks out most in my mind about my last trip to Ireland is how incredibly good the fish and chips are. They were served in a newspaper cone that was stuffed with waffle fries and fish. This recipe brings back those fond memories. the secret for a crackling crisp coating is to fry fish in small batches. Too many pieces will cool the oil, and the fish will be soggy and greasy. Serve with your favorite chips. The Cod Clan: Atlantic pollack, haddock, and hake are among the members of the extensive cod family. Although these fish vary slightly in terms of texture and flavor, one can generally be substituted for another. Small cod are often called scrod and can certainly be used here. Beer is your best bet to accompany this recipe. If you opt to drink wine, look for one that will mimic beer's palate-cleansing qualities. Try a reasonably priced sparkling wine or an acidic white such as a pinot grigio from Italy.

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  1. Combine all the tartar sauce ingredients in a bowl with a pinch each of salt and pepper. Set aside.
  2. Heat the oven to 200°. Cover a cookie sheet with paper towels and top with a wire rack.
  3. Heat about 3" of oil to approximately 365° in a medium sized pot.
  4. Meanwhile, mix flour with 1/2 teaspoon salt. Whisk in egg. Slowly add the beer while whisking.
  5. Dip fish pieces in the batter and place on plate or the wire rack you will be using to drain the fried fish. I usually double dip in the batter if I have some left over once the batter dries on the awaiting fish.
  6. Place fish pieces, two at a time in the oil. Cook until the fish is done and the crust is lightly golden, about 4 minutes for 3/4-inch thick fillets.
  7. Remove fish with tongs and put on rack to drain. Sprinkle salt over the hot fish and put the baking sheet in the oven.
  8. Repeat in batches with the remaining fish.
  9. Serve with the tartar sauce.


Most Helpful

AWESOME, AWESOME, AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!! A KEEPER for LIFE!!!!!!!!! Thank you SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!! :) It truely was PERFECT!!!!!!!!!

Wildflour July 03, 2006

I would give this ten stars if I could. I tried this because it was 100% five stars. I don't like batter fried fish even in restaurants; the batter always falls off. This was the best fish and chips I've had so far... anywhere. Next time I think I am also going to batter vegetables like a tempura, onions rings ... I'm gonna have fun with this. So easy, so good. Thanks! If your batter isn't crisping, try turning up the heat a bit.<br/><br/>The tarter sauce is very good. I use it all of the time. I'll never buy premade tarter sauce again

Momma Dukes May 13, 2013

Outstanding! Light crispy batter. The whole family gave it a thumbs up!

cnjgilbert March 02, 2010

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