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This was very good. It was easy to prepare, tasted excellent and all the ingredients are easily obtained. I've made it twice-the first time according to the recipe, the second time, I did tweek it a bit. After taking it out of the marinade, I floured the chicken, rolled it in the batter and floured it again. This was the extra crispy version. I will make this for years to come, it was a big hit. Thanks so much for sharing this Rick.

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morelhunter July 25, 2002

Made the recipe but doubled because I used more chicken. Also, I only let the batter refrigerate for about an hour (only because I did not realize it had to and had no time!) The chicken "fingers" were delicious and will make again. However, we felt the batter needed some more seasoning (tasted sort of bland) so next time I will add pepper and some other spices when I prepare the batter. Overall great "finger" food!

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Christina Chavez July 25, 2002

I tried these after much prodding from the chef. I must say though, that they were fabulous. The only thing I did different was add a bit of Tabasco which is just a personal thing. I tend to be a little more critical of this chef, but these were fabulous and I'll be making them again.

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Kevin Young August 19, 2002

This is a delicious recipe! I doubled the batter and used the second batch to fry onion rings. : ) Everything turned out great! Marinating the chicken in the Worchestershire sauce and tobasco was just the right amount of seasoning for the chicken. I used my deep cast iron wok for frying and it worked out just right. I served the chicken with honey mustard sauce and honey. I'm sure we will be having these chicken fingers regularly. Thanks for sharing this recipe with us, Rick!

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Bev August 26, 2003

Ok Rick, I have made this recipe twice in 1 week so what does that say? Actually, I made it for my son as we are cutting back on fats but of course my hubby and I had to try just 1 (both times) I did follow the advice of another reviewer by dipping in flour and then recoating, also I added Tony Chachere's seasoning to the batter and it came out very crisp & juicy (had to keep swatting the hubby's hands to stay out. I would say you earned your 5 stars for this one! Thanks Rick!

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Just Cher September 09, 2002

Decided to make these, but modify the ingredients and method a little. I just added the whole egg and skipped the part about fluffing the egg white. I didn't marinate the chicken breasts but instead used Tony Chachere's Creole seasoning in the batter (probably half a tablespoon) and dredged the chicken in flour before battering. They were very tasty!

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Zachary R. July 22, 2015

LOVE LOVE LOVE this recipe. First time I made these, I followed directions exactly. We found that we didn't love the marinade on the chicken -- so 2nd and all times thereafter (at least every other week), I add our spice to the batter instead -- saves me on marinating the chicken. To the batter recipe noted, all that I add is Tony C's seasoning (significant amount). I rinse my chicken, slice it and stick it in the batter -- makes this a SUPER easy weeknight dinner. Thanks for posting!

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Trixie735 August 31, 2012

Very good recipe. I had try to fry all 3 ways mentioned..1. batter only..2 flour and batter..3. four, batter, flour. The third way in my opinion was the best. Had plenty of batter left over and made onion rings which came out great. Thanks for the recipe and will use again and again.

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davidf October 15, 2009

Flavor was just okay - may be salting the chicken a before may help. Batter was thin and peeled off the chicken too easily

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jrjackso August 20, 2009

Very tasty. I floured my chicken before dipping in the batter and did not have any problems with batter coming off. Everyone enjoyed this dish.

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nmj January 04, 2009
Beer-Batter Chicken Fingers