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This is good! The batter does smell strongly of beer during the waiting period, but the beer is not so detectable after it is fried. Probably safest to use for people who like beer, though. I thought it was very nice on red onion and also sea scallops. I actually thought it was better on the seafood. One batch was enough for one very large red onion, 10 sea scallops and one fairly small potato, with a little left over. By the time I got to the potato, though, the batter was almost completely deflated. Thank you for sharing this recipe with us. I forgot to add - the batter didn't stay on the first few onion rings very well, so I dusted them with flour. They were fine after that. I also used flour first when I prepared the sea scallops.

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mianbao July 15, 2013
Beer Batter