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This bread is awesome and easy to make. We love this bread so much that we have been making variations of this recipe with much success. For example we use Leinenkugel's Honeyweiss for this recipe. But another favorite is to use whole-wheat flour, remove the caraway seed, switch to Leinenkugel's Creamy Dark and add dried cranberries (soaked in hot beer for 10 minutes). It's a beer and bread lovers dream. Just mix and match your favorite beers with additional ingredients and you have winner after winner. We have not yet tried the glaze and it doesn't need anything more.

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Country Dad April 10, 2010

Very nice! I used a wheat beer and realized it made sense to cook off the alcohol, since it would retard the yeast otherwise. I sprinkled additional caraway seeds on the top and got a beautiful, flavorful, nicely textured loaf. Made for Top Favorites of 2009.

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Lavender Lynn March 07, 2010

This is really delicious! The beer really adds a nice flavor to the bread. They only thing I would change is the amount of caraway seed. Maybe double the amount for our tastes. Bread went well with soup, and made a great sandwich. Made for Fall 2009 My 3 Chefs game.

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Outta Here November 10, 2009
Beer Barrel Caraway Rye Bread