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Wow, this really is something pretty special!!!! Although I made it just for DH and I (and so he gets to enjoy it for a day or two :) and we are having wonderful rainy weather, perfect soup weather :) ), it was so worth the effort --- I made this on a wet Saturday afternoon, took my time and stirred diligently, I felt very at ease with myself and the world and could hardly believe it when I realised that I was ready to serve, the time had just flown by but so peacefully. I'm generally not a fan of soup but this hardly qualifies as soup, liquid decadence, and VERY filling, dont expect to go back for more!!! Dantana, a winner, I'm very glad I tried it, thank you for sharing!!! Made and enjoyed for PRMR tag game

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Karen Elizabeth October 21, 2013

Great soup. I was scared after I poured the beer into the chicken stock- roux it was too bitter but the potatoes salt and cheese balanced it out..I used a lager beer...put cubed (uncooked/peeled) russet potatoes in and let them cook in the liquid and it was fine no need for pre-baking...then come to find out.. I didn't have sour cream so I just added some whipped cream cheese...my husband devoured it...really really good soup!!!

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Kasi S. February 25, 2015

Really wonderful soup. This might be the thickest soup I've ever made - add another potato or two and you would have some amazing mashed potatoes. I used Granville Island Lion's Gate Winter Ale and it leaves a nice taste of ale at the back of the mouth. I think it's important to make sure you like the beer you use because the soup does retain the beer flavour. Before I added the sour cream and cheese, I thought the taste of the ale might have been too much but I was wrong. It is beautifully balanced. I agree with Karen Elizabeth's review - "this hardly qualifies as soup, liquid decadence". <br/><br/>Thanks for posting this one. It is a definite keeper.

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Marysdottir November 27, 2013
Beer, Bacon (!) Potato Soup- Aka 'Man Soup'