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Recipe by Huskergirl

I found this recipe in an old cookbook of my grandmother's. I do not remember her making beer but was told that she did when she was younger. I have not made this as I am allergic to alcohol, but thought I would like to try it for a summer party make my own beer and invite friends over to taste. There is a web site where you can get the malt syrup and the equipment. There are different types of malts for the beer that you like.

Top Review by CelticBrewer

Thanks for the historic look at old beer recipes. Of course, there's a lot more to modern homebrewing than this recipe shows. If anyone follows this recipe, note a few things: 1) use a hopped malt syrup (malt extract) since this recipe doesn't include hops. Step 1.5 is boil the concotion for at least 20 minutes to sterilize. Cool to 60 to 70'F then add the yeast. It will have to ferment for more than 72 hours or you rish have bottle bombs which are very dangerous! Add about 1oz of sugar to the beer before bottling. Most people use an acid or iodine based sanitizer to sanitize the fermenter, equipment, and bottles. But please, to really learn how to brew beer, see as a starter. Doing it wrong will certainly produce bad beer and maybe even a dangerous situation!

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  1. Dissolve yeast in water and add sugar and malt syrup.
  2. Skim once or more if needed.
  3. Bottle in 72 hours.
  4. Go to your local drinking hole and have them save up dark bottles for you to pour your brew inches Sterilize bottles and lids in boiling water, screw tops work well for this.
  5. There is nothing about how many bottles this will fill, but I am sure at least 12 bottles are needed.

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