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I liked this substantial omelette, though I halved it. I chopped the white onion and cooked it until golden, then added the ground beef, and red chile. I boiled a little over a cup of water, added a beef bouillon cube, and cooked the carrot cubes till just tender. I then took out the carrot with a slotted spoon, and used the bouillon to soften the noodles. I heated oil in an omelette pan, and browned the spring onion. With the pan hot, I added the carrots, noodles, beef and chile, then added the eggs. Next, I added the tomato cubes. I browned the top layer under the oven grill. Lastly, I let the omelette cool on a plate, and cut it into wedges that I dipped in chili sauce. Very nice Beehoon omelette!

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Mme M March 22, 2007
Beehoon Omelette