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*Made for Australia/NZ Swap #75" This looks simple enough, but was quite the adventure for me ! First off -- thought I would NEVER find black bean Paste ! Finally found in a green envelope in the Spanish section of Safeway -- only one there. Peter, you described it as strongly salty, but this was very bland -- almost tasteless, and the consistency was not appetising, but I solderied on, prepared the rest almost as listed --- no corn, but some bean shoots and canned oriental mushrooms. Had Angus beef cubes, which were much tougher than anticipated, but after adding salt, the combination was quite tasty. Didn't keep the beef, but will add leftover sauce to frozen meatballs for tonight. I think I used the entire bottle of beer, to loosen the sauce, so do have leftover. Thanks for posting -- I am keeping the dauce recipe, and a look-out for another brand of paste !!

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NurseJaney April 17, 2013
Beef With Black Bean Sauce