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This is. the way I do calves tongues - the horseradish sauce is wonderful When I make your recipe exactly I will add stars - My mother did it this way too - excellent I hope others will try it

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Bergy January 06, 2003

This is so close to the way we used to have tongue. Growing up in Oklahoma back in the 30's we sort of had a LOT of cows around. I now live in north central Pennsylvania. The folks around here look at me when I ask for tongue like I am from the Planet Zorkaruch and am looking forward to sucking the brains out of their first born child. It is a delicious piece of meat and there are SO many things you can do with it. About the only way my Mom, and all the ladies in my family never used tongue was in desserts. Please folks, if available treat yourselves to a culinary treat. I have called my daughter asking her to freeze and send me one. I will drool till it arrives. Just remember simple is great. Great recipe and thanks for kicking my memory taste buds into high gear. Cap'n Jack

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Firehousecook AKA Cap'n Jack April 26, 2009

Well..... I must admit I was suprised it tasted quite nice. My hubby liked it and I just could not get past the soft texture.. maybe it is because I had to prepare it myself? Pleasant and I am glad I tried it, thank you for posting.

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Marmie's April 25, 2009

Out of this world delish! The first time I ever had tongue was when I purchased it from a Jewish deli. Had I known that I could make tongue (that I already thought was pretty darn good) even better myself, then I never would have waited so long to do so. I followed the recipe with the exception of adding 2 celery stalks into the water and instead of cloves (which I was out of) I put about a teaspoon of peppercorns into the pot. I made this last week and just bought another one that I will be preparing tomorrow. This has quickly become one of my most favorite dishes ever. Thanks for a great recipe!!

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FoodFromSicily May 09, 2008

Absolutely delish! Served with wildly Pink Pickled Onions, Japanese style pickled turnip and Horseradish cream with the little pumpernickle and rye breads, sliced and toasted. Total keeper - devoured completely up by the Halloween party of 13 dubious eaters. Keeper recipe! Thanks for posting!

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Buster's friend October 27, 2013

I have prepared this twice,albeit without the sauce.We like tongue and were looking for a way to do. Have loved this and is now in our keeper box. many thanks for posting...Don Steele

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Don Steele February 09, 2009

My husband is ga-ga over beef tongue, and he is greatly enamored with this recipe. The only change we made was to use soy creamer instead of heavy cream for the sauce because of a dairy allergy. That change probably made the sauce somewhat thinner than it's supposed to be, but it was still really tasty. Our only criticism was the cooking time; we thought the tongue was just a little bit overcooked.

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Kamark August 25, 2008

Oh my..... my first experience with tongue was 15 years ago in Holland. And I was hooked. My family loved it! You have taken it to a new level with the sauce. I can't find all the words right now ....because I am still busy cleaning my plate. I do wish more people would live a little and at least try it once. I promise....it WILL be a new addition to their favorite recipes! And the left-overs???? Are you kidding me? Awesome on crusty bread...a sandwich. Treat it the same as roast beef....you will not be disappointed. Thank you for posting something so extraordinary! Don't change a thing !!!!!

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berniesgirl October 07, 2007

I forgot the spices but this yielded a VERY tender piece of beef tongue and it was great with horseradish sauce. Next time I'll try it with the herbs.

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luvinlif2k April 26, 2005
Beef Tongue and Horseradish Sauce