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I made this with 2 of the beef flavor Knorr Homestyle stock concentrates, one regular chicken bouillon cube, regular salt Kikkoman and Holland House brand red cooking wine, which is flavored with 1.5% salt. I agree, great flavor but way too salty. And I like salty. Not sure how switching from corn starch to flour would change the sodium level. I want to try this recipe again with reduced sodium soy, 1 beef stock concentrate and 1 reduced sodium chicken stock concentrate because Knorr doesn't have the beef flavor in reduced sodium, only chicken, and maybe an unsalted red wine. Wondering how I could desalinate my current leftovers...

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kvandrunen November 30, 2013

The only reason I gave this 4 stars is because it's too salty as written. I tried using flour instead of corn starch to try and cut the salt and added some milk too which gave the sauce a beautiful smooth and rich consistency but it was still too salty. Next time I'll use half the amount of bouillon and a lower salt variety of both the soy sauce and the bouillon. Other than that it has incredible flavor and texture. I used a box Merlot, it was the perfect choice of of red wine :)

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clarissegibson April 24, 2012

Very good, we came up with our own photo too!

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Chemaine February 27, 2007

The flavor of this dish is excellent. There are a few things in the directions that could use some clarification. Step 1 says melt shortening, but no amount is given. It also doesn't specify if the meat should be drained or not before adding the items in Step 2. I poured about 1/2 of the liquid off but I think I should have poured it all off. The reason being, the gravy never thickened up so I guess there was too much liquid for the amount of corn starch. The next day I cooked some frozen vegetables and mixed them into the leftover meat and noodles, along with some more water, and it made a very tasty soup. I will definitely be preparing this again but I'll be making a few changes to try and get a thicker gravy. Thanks for sharing!

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Marg (CaymanDesigns) February 26, 2007
Beef Tips over Noodles