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I cut this down to one serving and used a sirloin steak that I sliced in thin strips. The sauce was wonderful. I used a mixture of baby bellas and buttons and they were great in this. I made and cooked the parsnips but forgot all about them when it came time to eat. They were still on the counter when I took my plate back to the kitchen. They had lost their crispness by then but I still tried a little taste and sure wish I'd remembered them. Thanks for sharing. Good luck in the contest.

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CJAY May 30, 2012

I'm sorry if this is a little early (it's the 29th here!)

This was a really enjoyable recipe and came together quite well. The taste was really amazing. (super yummy).

The only reason I don't give this one a 5 is more to do with instructions and serving sizes than anything else. It's possible that we are big eaters, so please take with a grain of salt. 6-8 was extremely optimistic, it was closer to 4-6 serves (6 if you only wanted a small dish). It would also be great if you would edit the recipe to give a little more description on the parsnips (suggested total amount of strips rather than just how many... Apparently I bought quite large parsnips, although they were the smallest I could find) This resulted in my cooking time being a little out of wack and then the sauce being super thick, it also meant extra oil)

I know that this time around we needed to use the egg noodles, but I feel this dish would be even more delicious with pasta of some type, probably linguine.

Anyway. Made for Magic in the Kitchen 2012. Overall a real pleasure to make and I hope that my feedback is useful for next time around. Thank you very much for sharing.

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Satyne May 29, 2012
Beef Tips & Crispy Parsnip Threads With Horseradish Cream Sa