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Phenomenal stroganoff! Definitely is the best!

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rosslare May 27, 2015

The taste was was wonderful, but it was so soupy that I had to serve this in bowls. That was not exactly a problem, but it made it difficult to flavor the noodles because the best part just ended up at the bottom of our bowls. I tried adding more flour to thicken the sauce, but it was weakening the overall flavor. So I just left it as is. And like I said, the taste really was great. I couldn't find HP Steak Sauce in my local grocery stores, so I used the U.S. equivalent (according to the internet) of A-1 Steak Sauce. And I wasn't quite sure what beef bovril powder is, and that mystery wasn't exactly solved even after an internet search. I decided to use beef bouillon powder, and it seemed to work well. Perhaps those were wrong choices and contributed to the reasons for the sauce not thickening right. I will try to make this again and see if I have more success in thickening it, because it is excellent in all other ways.

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NorthwestGal February 11, 2011

OMG! This is so yummy! I made as posted even with the amount of sour cream. I did cut the recipe in half that's the only change. I love that it was so full of flavor and still was healthier. I did use the beef stew and cut the beef in smaller portions. I found this more of a mixture of a goulash and a stroganoff. It was just delicious. A keeper for sure. Your Grandma had a wonderful recipe to start as you base. Thanks for posting. :)

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teresas August 25, 2010
Beef Stroganoff, the Best