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This recipe is awesome! With the flavors in this recipe I didn't miss the sour cream at all. I did some substitutions; I used beef tenderloins and double the bouillion, tomato paste and Chardonnay. I also added some paprika and parsley. Thanks for a fabulous non dairy recipe. This hit the spot!

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LisaAD July 21, 2008

I'll admit, I was skeptical, but I work in a group home and one of the individuals can't have dairy, so I figured I'd give it a try. The sauce was so good I was compelled to scrape all of it off the bottom of the pan and hide in the kitchen while I scarfed it down.

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Paul S. May 23, 2016

This was great. There are a few changes I would make however (or at least clarifications). When you saute mushrooms, do not do it for more than 2 minutes to keep them crisp, or they become soggy and gross (also add in 1 Tbsp wine to give them more flavor). Onions/garlic should be sauteed for no more than 5 minutes. We used 1/2 of a sweet onion, and 4 cloves of garlic. Also make sure to tenderize the meat before hand, so that it can soak up all of the flavor, and the muscles are not as chewy. I used Smart Balance instead of Margarine (as Marg. is 1 molecule away from plastic and caused cancer in test turkeys). For the spices, we did: 1-4 grinds of black pepper, 1-2 Tbsp 21 Season Salute (from Trader Joes), 1 pinch Paprika, 1 pinch Chili Powder, 3 pinch Italian Seasoning, 3 pinch Hickory Mesquite Seasoning (from Costco)

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Arundo February 15, 2012
Beef Stroganoff - Dairy Free