Total Time
5hrs 25mins
Prep 20 mins
Cook 5 hrs 5 mins

This is a good hearty meal! To save time find beef tips (aka beef stew meat) already cubed! Also, when I say large carrots or anything else, I typically mean the largest ones I can find, at least on hand.

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  1. In a large stock pot heat heat olive oil and add beef tips. Cook until it is ready, and then set aside the meat.
  2. Add onions and garlic and saute for five minutes. Add red wine to deglaze the bottom of the pan.
  3. Add the remaining vegetables and cook until soft. Season with salt and pepper Put the beef back into the pot and pour in the beef broth (for a more vegetable flavour use vegetable stock, or put 2 cups beef stock and 2 cups vegetable stock).
  4. Cook for five hours. In the last ten to twenty minutes, add the basil. Serve warm.
Most Helpful

We liked the flavor of this stew but the meat and vegetables were totally overcooked. I questioned the instructions in step 1 and wondered what "cook until ready" really meant. I decided it should be nicely browned before going to the next step. I sauteed the onions and garlic, deglazed the pan and then combined the meat, vegetables and broth. After 2 hours, the vegetables were done to our liking but the meat had a ways to go. I went ahead and let it cook 3 hours more and was unhappy with the over-cooked veggies and meat. I felt it needed more color (perhaps peas, corn, green beans) and it definitely needed to be thickened to be called a stew. This could be a great recipe with clearer directions and a few changes. Thanks for sharing. Made for RSC #16.

CJAY May 28, 2011

My issues with this recipe are more for wording than anything else. In instruction #1 it says to 'cook (the meat) until it is ready'...does the creator of this recipe mean till the meat is fully-cooked (because cooking does continue later, when the broth is added), or just browned? Then in step #3 when the remaining vegetables are added, the instructions state to 'cook (the vegetables) until soft'. Soft vegetables to me means cooked vegetables, but then the recipe is cooked for a further 5 hours! This is far too lengthy, imho, and I stopped cooking after 2 hours as I was nearly out of liquid (and did actually add a little more to the pot to have some more gravy), my vegetables had disintegrated to nearly nothing, and the meat was starting to fall apart - not at all what I think of as a 'stew'. Also, I think the fresh basil should not have been added for last 10-20 minutes of cooking - far too long again. I think this recipe has potential, but it does need to be more carefully worded in its instructions to remove ambiguity, and the cooking time really has to be rethought.

evelyn/athens May 28, 2011

I think this was more of a soup than a stew. It was good though. I omitted the parsnips simply because I forgot to buy them. Made for RSC 16.

Nyteglori May 28, 2011