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Oh my! Oh my! My family loved this recipe! I used the ingredients as listed except I only put 1 tablespoon of Asian chili sauce so it wouldn't be too spicy for the kids(I used Sriracha sauce.) I couldn't find my skewers so I just cut the meat and poured the marinade over it. Then, after an hour, I laid the meat on my broiling pan and cooked it. The remaining marinade I boiled for a while so I could use it as additional sauce. I served the meat as dinner over brown rice.

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aviva February 21, 2008

I found a different recipe that used Hoisen sauce. Very yummy. A word of caution, I made 50 skewers and they were gobbled up in 5 minutes. Lots of work to feed 6 people. Would I do it again? Heck Ya!!!

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suda_60950 September 27, 2015

I'm just learning to cook Thai cuisine and made this last night. WOW! I could eat it for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The marinade is amazing. The only change I made was substituting Splenda for the sugar to make it diabetic friendly. Very easy to prepare and it doesn't get any tastier.

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Vinca January 28, 2015

Agree with other posters - this was fantastic and not to be missed! When I saw it was from America's Test Kitchen, I knew it would be excellent, but when I saw the ingredients and saw how easy it would be to de-carb it, I had to try it! <br/><br/>Worth a mere 6 minutes of broiling time - indoor broiling is a huge plus, don't like dragging out the grill just for myself, plus it was cold and raining like mad that day. I broiled at 350 degrees for 3 minutes each side. I also waited to skewer them until after the marinating, as I wanted to make use of all the sauce, didn't want the bottoms to miss out on the opportunity to bask in the yummy marinade. They were perfectly done and med rare inside, very tender and juicy.<br/><br/>I made a couple of adjustments to make it lower carb, as I mentioned earlier (used splenda instead of sugar, and a little grated onion instead 2 scallions). Like another poster, I wasn't sure if the marinade would be enough, but it was just right for my 1.75 pound piece of flank steak. Most of marinade stuck to the meat, and I had very little to toss. Made the peanut sauce Lisa in Cali suggested, with the same low carb modifications noted above, and I also used no sugar almond butter 'cuz that's what I had on hand. To die for! <br/><br/>Also great on wings. This is my new fave recipe. It was added to my permanent recipe book within an hour of dinner, which I have to say is probably a first. I liked it that much. Thanks a mil, Lisa in Cali!!!

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lisaeliz1961 October 23, 2013

Very tender and easy with most ingredients already in my pantry. I like to skewer these, put them on the indoor grill, then serve with lettuce to make lettuce wraps and hot sauce with a side of steamed jasmine rice. Thanks for this one, it's definitely a keeper for us!

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Eat and be Merry January 13, 2013

Simply divine! I doubled the recipe as to make sure we had plenty enough marinade...This is an absolute keeper! Thank you!

Update: It was my turn to host Christmas this year and I decided to do an Asian-themed dinner...so I made these skewers and within minutes they were devoured by everyone...Thanks for allowing my family to believe that I'm a terrific cook!!!

Another update (10/3/12): I like to make a peanut sauce to accompany these awesome little babies, so I just boil the leftover satay marinade in a sauce pan for a few minutes, add a scoop or two of creamy peanut butter, and maybe a bit more chopped cilantro leaf (sometimes I'll add a little grated ginger, sometimes not)... ...voila! ...thank you again, this dish is #1 with the fam!

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sassy0326 October 03, 2012

This recipe is AMAZING! I make it at least twice a month! Perfect with some steamed rice and egg rolls! YUM!

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sandithepirate December 20, 2011

This is one of our all-time favorite recipes. We like to camp in our travel trailer, and we always make these when we go out. If my husband saw me looking at this recipe, he would beg me to make them again today! This is definitely a keeper and in our permanent recipe file. Thanks!

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Feisty November 14, 2010

Made this for a party yesterday and...What a Hit!! This was so delicious, 5lbs did not last 5 minutes after hitting the table. You made me a star. I can't wait to make this again. Delicious!

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myojo93 July 18, 2010

I love satay, and this is a great recipe! I used the dipping sauce recommended by Lisa and Cali. Yumm!!

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VerucaSalt! May 21, 2010
Beef Satay