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Made this last night for dinner and my husband and I just loved it. Was very easy but, looks like you really fussed when it is done cooking. Can't wait till Wednesday night to have it again (surprisingly, we did have some leftover).

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Mary Ellen Watson April 06, 2003

quite a delicious meal idea. The only negative thing was clean up of the pan afterwards.

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kikismom April 07, 2004

OMG Pamela! These were DELICIOUS! 5 star,plus, plus, plus!!!! We so enjoyed these! I prepared exactly as written, using bacon as opposed to ham, as it was in the fridge,(my ham was frozen!) and I think it was a very good choice, I will probably use it every time! I made sure to cover the bacon & cheese carefully but quite a bit of my cheese still melted out, didn't matter though as it still can be spooned over top of them with the sauce. I actually ended up serving with white rice instead of noodles and the sauce was great with/over it! My sister her hubby and son came by just after we ate and they hadn't eaten yet so I reluctantly had to part with my leftovers...LOL!! They LOVED them too, raves all around, and my sister happily took home the recipe!!!! We both thought they were ,as you say, a great alternative to chicken cordon bleu (and a little cheaper too!!) We will both be making this one again & again! Thanks so much!:)

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Rhonda *J* April 22, 2004

Very good! I had my parents over and we all enjoyed this, my picky 3 y/o as well. I also have a picky DH and father, so I cooked their meat in another dish without the gravy and just cooked regular brown gravy in a second saucepan, just for them. I love meatloaf and this is similar in taste to mine, but with some extra goodies stuffed into it. I served this with #71112 Baked Potato Stuffing; also served green beans and rolls. Thanks for posting!

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TheDancingCook March 24, 2004

Excellent alternative to meatloaf and much easier to serve. Mozzarella cheese was very good, but I think I'll try cheddar cheese next time for a change. Only because my family likes cheddar better. Thanks for sharing!

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Jan Waters April 26, 2003

This was an interesting recipe! It was a bit labor intensive, but I liked the end product. Unlike others here, I did not enjoy the bacon. Maybe if the bacon had been cooked until tender first, I would have liked it. It came out unappetizingly pale pink and fatty (and I looked for the least fatty package). I would look forward to trying paper thin shaved ham. Also, my patties were hard to fit around the mozzarella and the bacon. I had to cut the bacon strips in thirds. I should have halved the mozzarella but did not think of it until later. I needed every bit of the ground beef to patch gaps in the beef rolls before cooking them. I would easily use 2 lbs of ground beef next time to make it easier to form these beef rolls. The gravy was fantastic, and it was my favorite part. It tasted great over a medley of broccoli and cauliflower! I would recommend draining off all fat before adding in the gravy. The next day, I had to chip the layer of fat to get to the gravy underneath. Bleah! This is something I will try again, but as I said, I will use ham, cut the mozzarella in half and stack both to help fit them inside the roll. I will also stretch the recipe to 2 lbs of ground beef. This might also keep the cheese from leaking out, which some of ours did (and others noted here). I will also look forward to topping more veggies with that yummy gravy. One more thing. My 6 year old tasted this and begged me to make it for him every night for the rest of his life! Now that is a compliment!

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Burned Toast January 11, 2007

This is just an excellent recipe. My husband and I both liked it. I added some sour cream to the sauce and used the roasted garlic mushroom soup. Will be making this again. Thanks

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xidmary October 24, 2006

What a nice alternative to Chicken Cordon Blue! I made these today for supper and froze the rest for later. (These will be perfect when we go camping.) I froze them minus the gravy then all I have to do is make the gravy. I used bacon and it really the the beef a great flavor. Thanks again, Pamela in Winnipeg.

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Merlot July 24, 2005

What a great recipe.We loved this.I will make some up to freeze to have on hand.Great for unexpected guests. I didn't change a thing. Thank you for this great recipe.

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Dotty2 July 16, 2005

YUMMY!!! Easy to put together and even easier to eat!!! I used panko instead of regular bread crumbs and doubled the gravy, just because we like it!! Thanks Pam!!

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Kymmarie May 25, 2005
Beef Rolls Cordon Bleu