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These Empanadas are a winner! I served the with Robin"s Kakadu Plum & Chili Sauce, perfect combination. I admit that I am not good at rolling pastry and took a shortcut I used round egg roll wrappers and they are wonderful, came out crisp on the outside and a nice bite to the filling.I would love to try them with the Empanada dough but it's hard to imagine that they could be any better than these. Serrano peppers were not available so I used Jalapeno, they are not quite as hot but much larger so I used 9, left the seeds in- just the right kick. I found that I had to simmer the filling (after adding the tomatoe) for apprx. 15 minutes to get it to the right consistency . Perhaps my Romas were extra juicy. My freezer smiled when I slipped these in. This recipe is 5 star all the way. Thanks Mean Chef for a "Mean" recipe

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Bergy November 11, 2002

My sister, BIL, and husband made these exactly according to the directions. THe dough was VERY easy (we used the kitchen aid mixer rather than the food processor) and it was easy to work with. THe filling was VERY hot but delicious. 24 serrano peppers does seem a bit excessive but we wanted to do it as directed. If you didn't want it to be REALLY hot you could use fewer. All in all, we loved it! Our mouth were watering as we waited for the second batch to come out of the oven! Thanks for delicious recipe.

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Kimke April 17, 2003

Great balance of spiciness and sweetness -- I couldn't stop eating the filling! I had good results pre-making these, freezing them, and baking them at 400 for about 20 minutes. I didn't taste any difference between fresh and frozen. I did end up simmering the filling for longer than expected, but it was worth it.

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Samibib September 17, 2003

I love this recipe! I did adapt things a bit based on what others had said and what I had on hand. I used 5 plum tomatoes, a teaspoon or so of diced green jalapeno's instead of the serrano peppers, and I cheated and used puff pastry dough instead of the empanada dough because I was in a hurry and already had it on hand. I will definitely make this again and next time I will try the empanada dough although it was great with the puff pastry. I love coming across jewels like this. Thanks!

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Lovetocookbutmustuserecipes February 11, 2009

I used ground turkey. I also used Goya pre made Empanada dough(10 per package) and baked them at 400 degrees for 20 minutes. They were very much enjoyed!

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Homegourmet January 05, 2008

I used a dough recipe I found on epicurious for these, but the filling was outstanding! I was afraid of using 24 serrano chiles because I hadn't used them before, so I used about 16 and it was just right - plenty hot and they tasted great. Next time I think I'll add a potato, but they were great!

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pattikay in L.A. October 07, 2006

These taste fabulous, but I ran into a few problems along the way. The recipe says to use 8 plum tomatoes, but I know that the plum tomatoes I had were larger than average, and I know that if Id used 8 of them, I would have had tomato-beef sauce...so I used only 5 of them. I used all of the serranos and felt I needed a bit more of the spices. When it came to the dough, I wasnt sure how big I was supposed to make the dough rounds, and how thin I was to make them to actually end up with 70 small empanadas. I didnt end up with 70, but maybe I made them bigger than I was supposed to... I had no clue how big they should have been. The only other problem I had was in the cooking time. I make things like this all the time, so I knew it would take approximately 20 mins at 400F...but if someone is new to making something like this, they may not have known... Great recipe... I just wish a few things could have been a bit more clear.

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love4culinary February 08, 2005

Very hot!! I don't know what kind of peppers I used, as I am in southern France, and the guy who sold them to me spoke Arabic. I'm sure they weren't exactly what was called for in the recipe, but it was still a success. Once everything was ready, these were fast and easy to put together and cook. I had leftover filling, so I froze it. I also had to simmer about 15 minutes, but it was because the tomatoes were so juicy. Really nice, really spicy!

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Kasha September 12, 2004

The meat mixture is a 5 star. Though I subbed dried cranberries instead of raisins. Just what I had on hand and I prefer them. The rest of the directions are terrible. How big are the dough cutouts? 35 pieces? You are kidding me! I used a glass 2 1/2" in diameter and got 15. Takes way longer than 5 minutes to simmer out all of the liquid. I have a pile of meat left. What to do now? Guess I might have to make another batch of dough. Will freeze those and/or deliver them to the 2 kids in college. I know the men in my house will love these but, the person who counts (ME) is not impressed.

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Terriyaki 2 September 18, 2013

Loved this dough, it was so easy to work with and flaky to eat. DH was trying to come up with other combinations to use in the dough. Didn't have serranos so used jalapeno and anaheim and wasn't spicy at all. Will get the serranos next time.

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adopt a greyhound August 01, 2013
Beef/Pork Empanadas (Adopted 2006)