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This inspired me due to the novelty of pasta yoghurt and spice. However, I have now started tweaking it and due to my appetite for strong flavors I have doubled the G/Masala and cumin, added several chillies, colored with turmuric and top off with a wonderful bought-in yoghurt and mint sauce. This really works but maybe I lost that middle eastern touch somewhere? Next i´m going to add the garlic to the meat that is no longer in my sauce and see where we get to!!

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PhilH October 01, 2007

A new favorite for us! I love it, but make one major change. This is only due to that fact that we are not partial to the flavor of raw garlic. I blanched mine in salted water for 2 minutes before crushing into yoghurt. This mellowed its bite considerably but left much flavor. I have tried this recipe three times by now because I enjoy the combimation of ground meat, yoghurt and pasta and experimented with using less garlic versus blanched garlic. Last time I added 1/2 t paprika with the cumin for a little different color of the finished dish.

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Inge 1505 September 05, 2006
Beef Mince and Macaroni with a Yoghurt-Garlic-Sauce