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Perfectly Delicious! Cut the recipe, wished I hadn't, was planning on taking some for lunch. None left:(

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L DJ January 04, 2009

Feb 18: i agree with pat, i followed this to the letter and although the flavour was absolutly magnificent, my sirloin went a little tough. Having said that next time, to combat this trend of tough meat i will still let the sirloin sit in the yogurt for 2 hours, but instead of cooking it slow for an hour i will do the base which included the tomatoe, garlic, onion and spices first then i will add the meat/yogurt straight to the sauce. Then ill let that simmer for 30 mins. i think it will go a longf way towards a more tender meat product. let me know if you try it this way. March 1: Ok everyone i did what i said..i actually marinated the meat for 5 hours and then only added it when i had cooked the sauce..low heat for about 25 mins and ohhh my god was it tender...we had a dinner party and it was a smash hit... i have now upped my review to 5 stars

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Bigfella111 February 28, 2010

The flavour was great but our beef turned out a bit on the tough side but a recipe with yogurt in it got a big thumbs up from the DH as said the flavour was sublime. I'm not sure if it because I did not have the heat high enough for the first hour of cooking and I did use 2lb 4oz of budget sirloin steak meat and followed as per recipe for the amount of meat being used for the spices but for the onion I only used 1 (cut into chunks) and for the green capsicum/pepper I used a 1/2 of one due to dietery reasons. Followed as per recipe and served (for the DS and me) *Parsley* Indian Cucumber Salad . Thank you Celticevergreen, made for Incredible India Tag game in the Asian forum.

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I'mPat February 07, 2009
Beef Korma