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  1. Remove fat from meat and place [meat] in freezer.
  2. When semi-frozen, it is easily cut into 3/8- or 1/4-inch strips (the thinner the slices, the faster the drying). Note: meat cut with grain will be chewy, against grain, tender.
  3. Combine everything in large bowl.
  4. Marinate meat 1 hour with sauce in refrigerator, then drain in colander.
  5. Place meat on cookie sheets to dry.
  6. For fastest drying do not overlap meat and turn at least once during drying.
  7. Dry in 145-degree oven [I use 155 degrees - Tom] for 8 to 10 hours on cookie sheets.
  8. It is ready when it bends like a green willow without breaking.
  9. Refrigerate for long-term storage.


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I tried this recipe yesterday and it is great. I put 2 lbs of flank steak in forced air dehydrator for 7 hrs and it came out perfect. I only let it marinate for approx 4 hrs, next time I'll let it soak overnight. The whole family likes it, so I will be using this one again. Thanks

MIKE.WALLER January 11, 2009

Five stars for this one. I have been using this same recipe for many years and the 2 sons who are in the military request this monthly. When deployed anywhere I make this and send it to them to share with their whole unit. My older son also makes this and sends it to them too. Have even had some of my sons friends write to me and ask if I could make and send some to them. Anything for our military folks. They are doing so much more for the rest of us that making some jerky and mailing it to them is a small payback. It just can't compare with what they are going through.

Lazdaz June 22, 2005

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