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The layers of rich favor that you get from such a short amount of cooking time on this dish are amazing. I served it at a small dinner party (in the winter) and it was a complete hit! I served it French style by having it as the first course and a salad with assorted cheeses to follow the main dish. Very fun party and great dish!

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msmith1886 January 10, 2010

I made this recently and it was absolutely delicious. Followed the recipe almost to the letter (I used brandy instead of cognac, and fresh onions) and the flavor was deep and rich (be sure to use a good red wine). It's a company worthy dish and the best part is you can make it ahead of time and just heat it up, because it's actually better the next day. Well worth the effort, I promise!

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Great!full February 08, 2009

Unbelievable dish. I have never made this, so was apprehensive, BUT it's Ina Garten's recipe and I have her At Home book and Family Style books which are absolutely brilliant. I collect cookbook, have put together 2 fundraisers, make chocolates, yaddayadda, so when I think something is good, IT IS. It is 10 x better the next day. The taste is perfect. I didn't really measure but I didn't use an entire bottle of burgandy, only about 3/4, the rest was Campbells beef broth (in paper box). Be careful not to brown too much. I also just cooked the meat for 1 hour and not 1 1/4 hour. Next time will try that. I couldn't find frozen onions, but I will check Pusateri's (in Toronto). I got my meat at Brunos. 2 pounds though, next time more, cause it goes fast. I recommend mashed potatoes and and green veggie, like peas, green beans. Delicious. I also went crazy over Ina's carrot pineapple cake, pear apple crisp, chicken piccatta and couscous with shallots.

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Linda Saslove April 23, 2008

Holy COW this is good! Hubby said he'd eat this over steak any day. That's really saying something coming from my hubby! Thanks for sharing.

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L-Burden November 27, 2007

A friend made this for me when I was visiting on vacation. It was so delicious I wanted to lick the plate! Of course when I got home I rushed out to gather the ingredients and make it myself. I substituted brandy for cognac (be prepared for a LARGE flame--she isn't kidding when she says stand back--at least it doesn't last long). I also felt the frozen whole onions get cooked enough with this method. I would add them with the carrots next time. I ended up picking them out and simmering them for quite a while in a separate pan for at least a half hour more than indicated in Ina's recipe. Otherwise outstanding!

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Sharlene~W November 07, 2007
Beef Bourguignon