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I went down JustJanS's path but for us it was still way too salty (except to the DM - don't think anything could be too salty for her) other than that it was beautifully tender and full of flavour and very rich and with mashed potatoe and steamed brocolli, carrot and cauliflower I think I really had enough meat to feed 6 - DH now has some for shift work meals. Next time I think I will go with a low salt beef stock (in place of the water) and then thicken with cornflour (the Bisto - yes I was able to purchase Bisto - thickened it almost instantly to the point I had to add 1 cup of hot water to thin it down to incorporate the mushrooms and shallots - I had quartered to shallots to try and keep them large so the DH could pick out due to his allergy to onion, think I will stick with small brown onions and cut in large pieces to overcome this, sorry but don't think the shallots are worth the extra cost in this case). Thank you The Flying Chef, made for Edition 7 - Make My Recipe.

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I'mPat March 12, 2009

I think this would have been WAY too salty using Aussie stock granules AND gravy mix, so I omitted the stock granules and only used the gravy mix. End result was PERFECT! I loved the fact the mushrooms were sauteed, and adding them in later they retained their mushroominess (is that a word?) We ate this over mash and although I was convinced we had broccoli we didn't, so had snow peas on the side.

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JustJanS February 20, 2009
Beef and Mushrooms in Red Wine Sauce