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I found this recipe for someone who liked it, I finally tried it this weekend, and I am not a great cook. I bought dried thyme for the dish, and when I got it home it was empty (true) so I substituted some spice mix for that, and did everything else per the recipe. After many many hours I checked out a piece of the round steak and while impressed with the tenderness, thought that the meat was dry. I turned it off and when I got home from work turned it on again. I really like this recipe, but I think the round steak is its downfall. I had round steak at an upscale grocery takeout as Swiss steak and although the croc pot meat was more tender it still has a meat flavor of just meat. I liked the sausage part of the recipe; I will probably try something like stew meat. For noodles I tried orzo I thought that was an interesting, I am going to use them more.

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dav mar May 16, 2004
Beef and Bratwurst