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Fall is here, and I love pumpkin! These were great little scones. Served them with my morning coffee last week and they were very satisfying. Instead of serving with honey butter (which sounds wonderful) I made them with turbinado sugar crusted tops so they would travel better to work. Americans should take care with the conversions here: I came up with 8.9oz pumpkin and 2 cups 2 Tbsp Self Rising Flour [america] #5274 after visiting "The Metric Kitchen" website for conversions. Not the 1 to 1 ratio you would expect as they are both 250 grams in the ingredients list (the flour is much lighter weight). I will be making these again. Thanks, French Tart! [Made for Zaar Cookbook Tag]

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averybird October 01, 2011

Wow these are so yummy! I had quite a lot more pumpkin than the recipe called for, so I made a double batch and left out the milk. They turned out really light, lovely and soft. I probably used the upper limit of the spice mix and also added ground ginger. My husband isn't a huge fan of pumpkin and wasn't sure he'd like them as they were baking, but he gobbled his up when they'd cooled down enough to eat and has even asked to take some of them to work to share tomorrow. Thanks for a yummy recipe which will be made frequently in our house. :)

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Sooty_Cat July 11, 2011

Delish!! FT, these are wonderful scones, and easy, too! They have a much more tender crumb than the scones I normally make, probably due to creaming the sugar and butter, the addition of the egg, and the pumpkin - the texture is slightly reminicent of pumpkin pie - mmmm! The honey butter is wonderful - having never made it before, I'm thrilled to have a simple, delicious spread to offer for morning treats! I did add cinnamon chips and pecan to the scones, and as I didn't have mixed spice (can't find that in Canada), I used Pumpkin Pie Spice, which I understand is very similar. Thanks, FT, for a lovely new scone to add to my repertoire! Made for Veggie Swap 18, for our VIP Chef!

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Katzen January 01, 2010

Mmmmmm good! The weather this weekend called for scones so I made two batches of these .
I think I did something wrong though, because I had to add quite a bit of flour to the mixture. I used 250g tinned pumpkin and 250g self rising flour. I was really careful to measure everything so I don't know what happened. In the end, they turned out wonderfully. I dusted them with a bit of icing sugar and served them with the honey butter and jam. Incidentally, I used your spice mixture....much better than what the shops sell.
Two friends came for Sunday afternoon tea and they complimented me several times. All the while, my two children were looking at the table counting the scones to make sure we'd left some for them. :-)
Karen, thanks again for another winner!

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hedgiehog November 20, 2011

Very good and easy to make. My kids (all 8 of them) loved it! I did all that the recipe said and then added course sugar on top.

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Old McDonald's Farm June 14, 2011

These are delicious, very moist. I used homemade self-rising flour, Homemade Self-Rising White Flour or Whole Wheat Flour, and some mixed spice that was sent to me by Joyful Cook. I forgot to brush them with milk, though! We loved them with the honey butter. Great recipe, thanks for posting!

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Chocolatl March 03, 2011

Oh I must have really messed up because my scones took 30 minutes to cook and they were a little dense. I may have overworked the dough. I have tried many French Tart recipes and they are always excellent. It must be me. I wil try again next time I have pumpkins.

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Nado2003 April 28, 2010

Add me to the fan club for these scones! I could tell from the gushing reviews that making "as is" would be wonderful, so I just had to mix it up a bit. Because a 15oz can of pumpkin is 425 grams, I essentially doubled the recipe so I didn't have half a can left over. I made these vegan by using margarine, almond milk and egg replacer. And as if that wasn't enough I replaced the sugar with Splenda and for half the flour I used whole wheat pastry flour. (250 grams of flour is just a little over 2 cups.) I used the spice mix link in the description and I made my own self-rising flour (1.25 t baking power + 1/8 t salt per cup of flour). But even with my drastic experimentation, the recipe held up really really well and is really really good! The hardest part is following the directions at the end that say to wait 15 minutes before serving. This recipe makes moist scones and is definitely a keeper!!

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Wish I Could Cook February 13, 2010

Oh mmmmmmmmmmmmm, yummy!!!! These delicious, moist scones really made my day! They are so soft and perfectly spiced! I luv scones and have made quite a number of different recipes over the years, but this one really stood out! I had fully intented to make this recipe exactly as written using hokkaido squash, but then my dad requested to have our only squash roasted for dinner and how could I say no to that? So, I thought frantically what to do as I was determined to make this recipe. A look into the fridge offered the perfect solution: A parsnip thick and chunky. I ended up cooking it for 8 minutes and then mashing it. It worked out beautifully texture wise and also went perfectly with the suggested spices. THANKS SO MUCH for sharing yet another scone lovers dream recipe with us, Tarty! :) Made and reviewed for my chosen chef during Veggie Swap #19 February 2010.

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Lalaloula February 03, 2010

These were absolutely fantastic! These were perfect for a snowy morning when we couldn't get out of the house! I used pumpkin pie spice with a little extra cinnamon. Served with honey butter and cinnamon butter! They had a perfect texture and tasted a little like pumpkin pie! Can't wait to make them again! :) Made for Veggie Swap January 2010!

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~SarahBeth~ February 01, 2010
Bed and Breakfast Spiced Pumpkin Scones With Honey Butter