Beauty Parlor Garlic Bread

Total Time
Prep 10 mins
Cook 5 mins

Nothing beats fresh garlic bread right out of the oven, Dears. But sometimes we spend too much time gossiping at the beauty parlor and time gets away from us. Make these up ahead of time and have a handy cache of these ready for those days when your hair looks great, your nails are polished, and you must get straight to the phone to spread the juicy gossip you just heard.

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  1. Buy a loaf of fresh french bread. You know- the kind that is piping hot everyday at your grocery baker at 4 O'clock every afternoon. Let cool and slice on the diagonal about 1 1/2 inches thick. Try to make clean, straight slices. You want at least one side to have as flat of a side as possible. You should have eight slices.
  2. Spread each slice on each side generously with butter. About 1/2 tablespoon butter per side.
  3. Sprinkle each side with garlic powder to your taste. Stack buttered slices together in stacks of two or four, depending on the size of your family unit. Wrap in heavy foil and freeze.
  4. ________________________________________.
  5. When time to prepare- preheat a cookie sheet and oven to 425.
  6. Take bread out of the freezer at the last moment and separate slices. You may at this time sprinkle on top some dried parsley, or oregano, or cheese or whatever strikes your fancy on this particular day if you wish.
  7. Open oven door carefully and place the flattest side of each piece on preheated cookie sheet. Be careful not to set yourself on fire. Aqua Net hair spray is terribly flammable.
  8. Bake for 5-7 minutes and enjoy. The flat side will be toasted and the top side will be moist and buttery.
  9. NOTE: I suppose day old French bread would slice easier and cleaner and taste just as well. I just have never tried it and always do it this way.


Most Helpful

Same way I've been makin mine, too! Easy-peasy and can't be beat!!! I took the easy road this time, though, and sliced it right though horizontally, slathered it with the garlic butter and some pre-grated asiago, parmesan and romano cheeses...gotta LOVE those little containers of the pre-grated!!!), and tossed it in the oven QUICK! (I had 3 things going on the stove, so had to hurry!!) What's a good Italian meal without good garlic bread??? One of the best parts of it! ;) :) Made for the ZWT4 Thanks Potsie! :)

Wildflour July 10, 2008

NEWSFLASH: Local woman seen dashing across the street at 4 p.m. yesterday afternoon to wait in line at local grocery for a loaf of the freshest French bread possible. She was carried out by 2 burly, yet good looking, bodyguards when she attempted to reach into the oven and grab a loaf before it was completely burned! Seems the new girl at the grocery wandered off to the back of the store to smooch with a stockboy, thus leaving those heavenly loaves unattended. Witnesses say the woman was yelling "I was just trying to help and I needed a loaf to prepare a recipe from my friend, Potscrubber". The witnesses also admit to being a bit confused, but didn't mind when they were all invited to the perp's house for dinner. PS...this stuff is SOOOOOOO good. (I did really make it the other night). I think I gained 10 lbs. I DID DEMAND that if I am incarcerated for trying to help the bread girl out, that they serve me THIS bread with my Evian water!!!

Sherrybeth September 20, 2006

We had leftover rolls from a party and I hate to throw them out - and freezing them to use for sandwiches later doesn't always work well. So, I searched on Zaar and found this recipe. I made it last night and spread the garlic butter on the rolls and wrapped them up to in foil (and froze some extra for later). My son came home an hour later and asked what smelled so good. Before they were even frozen, he had one in the toaster oven and proclaimed it delicious (I had a bite and agree!) Thank you!

Megans Jewelry Box June 15, 2010

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