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awesome! I never seem to have an orange when I want one, but a dash of lemon worked just fine.

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Blue Eyes Willow November 30, 2011

Incredible. I love soups and this one is so different, so far off my radar so I'm glad I gave it a try.

I did make one substitution from beef stock to vegetable stock (dating a vegetarian). The dill isn't all that strong this time of year but it still added to the flavor. The big surprise was the orange.

All 4 of us at dinner gave this a big thumps up--honestly one of my best recipe "finds" on recipezaar/food.com since I got started years ago.

We paired it with a store bought Rosemary Bread (great choice) and red wine blend. perfect winter meal, and we were all surprised how filling it was. Thank you for posting this recipe.

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kansasjosh January 02, 2011

I used this for a base, and added chicken pieces (breast) which rocked! I didn't use beets, dill or the orange (I'm a soup wuss and hate beets, too). But the remainder of the recipe is great. I pureed the diced tomatoes as my daughter doesn't like tomato chunks, and this was a good compromise for her (and me, too). Sort of reminded me of my chicken tortilla soup, but with more veggies (and no corn). :-) *Autumn PAC 2009*

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Debber September 27, 2009

delicious soup. for the ingredients i used all organic and threw in a turnip, used chicken stock. the first batch i made i used canned diced tomatoes that were flavored (i accidentally opened the wrong one) with italian seasonings and i think that really threw the whole taste off because of the orange so i suggest DEFINITLY using the plain diced tomatoes as the recipe states, NOT THE FLAVORED ONES. the second batch i used plain and the taste was very smooth and mellow. the orange gives it such a nice depth that the soup is just not the same without it i am sure. very nice recipe; thanks.

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jennifer in new jersey October 18, 2006
Beautiful Soup