Beautiful Blue Vodka Martini

READY IN: 5mins
Recipe by southern_gal12000

This is a BEAUTIFUL drink that I fell in love with at one of our local sports bars. This was only my 2nd Martini to ever try. I really like vodka and this one had vodka so I tried it. It is very pretty and at restaurants where I order it, everyone, including the servers remark on how pretty it is. It is BRIGHT blue. So even if you don't like it you'll enjoy looking at it! It is not real sweet so if you like sweet and don't like the taste of vodka then you might not like it. It's all alcohol so it only takes 2-3 at the most but it's a good party drink. Just be sure to sip it slowly! I really hope you like it. If you don't really like vodka martinis, please don't try it and hate it, and then give me a bad rating. I take my ratings very seriously. Thanks! Also, you can add a drop of Grenadine (red) at the end, which will drop to the bottom of the Martini glass and will look like a purple ball. Adds a nice, sweet, appetizing touch. This recipe makes enough for two or more martinis. Downsize for your needs.

Top Review by NorthwestGal

This is a great martini, and such a gorgeous blue color too. I had it with and without the grenadine, and I didn%u2019t notice any difference (in color or taste). But it is very much worth a try, if you like martinis.

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  1. Place ice into the martini shaker. About 3/4's full.
  2. Add first 3 liquid ingredients to martini shaker using a one ounce jigger.
  3. Put the lid on the shaker, grab a hand towel and grab the shaker and shake like crazy for at least 30 seconds.
  4. Using the strainer pour into your martini glasses and add one drop of Grenadine if you wish.
  5. Garnish as you wish with an orange slice, lemon slice or olives or whatever you prefer. I like lemon.
  6. Have fun and drink safe!

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