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I made this tonight for supper. My family loves chowder, and loves seafood. I couldn't eat it. Everyone else ate a small portion. No one wants it again. I followed the recipe exactly - using Cod, Scallops and Lobster. It was just bits of seafood in a huge amount of thin milk. I added salt after tasting hoping it would get better but after adding a couple of teaspoons it still was just a fishy tasting bowl of milk. I then tried thickening it with some flour but finally decided it was a waste to add any more ingredients. There was just no making it better. I have seen this recipe on other websites with great reviews but I honestly can't imagine what the appeal could be. I'm not usually negative but seafood isn't cheap and this was a huge disappointment.

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Don't Call Me Martha September 28, 2013
Beaucoup Seafood Chowder