Beau Monde Seasoning Replacement

Total Time
Prep 5 mins
Cook 0 mins

The Beau Monde Seasoning that I've used has a very basic yet tasty flavor. The substitution recipes I've seen so far online and here have called for cinnamon, cloves and other things that I know I don't taste from the Spice Islands jar. As I kept looking I came upon this one that sounded like it might be the one. I haven't tried it yet but thought someone else might get some use out of it. It calls for sea salt AND seasoned salt. I probably would adjust those so it wouldn't turn out too salty. Also I might try using celery salt instead of the combination of seeds and salt. This recipe only makes 1 tsp. worth of mix but it's a good starting point.


  1. Put all in a spice or coffee grinder to blend.
Most Helpful

I used this in a Bloody Mary that I made with home made tomato juice. Very good addition to my Bloody Mary. Gave it a nice little bite. Not too much but just enough to notice. Will be using this again.

Catnip46 June 17, 2013