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I like this. The ingredient combination is unusual, and the spice mixture and amounts seem just right to me. My bamboo shoot was pre-cooked, and I pre-cooked the potatoes and beans separately to make cooking simpler for me. I did use the mustard oil, which I had bought for another dish (which I made), but was a little surprised by the warning on the label "for external use only". After some research, and considering I had eaten it already with no ill effects, I used it in this dish, too. I honestly don't know how much it contributed to the flavor. But, I have to admit, the flavor is quite good.

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mianbao January 14, 2014

Honestly, I wasn't sure how to rate this. The final dish was pretty tasty. However, the cooking time was so far off that I had to serve something else for dinner the night I made it because we were hungry and it wasn't ready. I followed the directions, including soaking the beans overnight. However, when I checked the stew after simmering for 20 min in step 5, the beans and potatoes were not even close to being cooked through. I let it simmer another 1/2 hour and it still wasn't done. Bottom line - it took 2 hours once it reached a simmer before it was ready to eat! So the total cooking time should read 2 1/2 hours, not 35 min. Made for Veggie Swap 22 May 2010

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Jeri Roth Lande May 23, 2010
Beans and Bamboo Shoots