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This was marvelous!!! Almost exactly like hummus & could definitely pass for it; however, this was much more fresh & smooth! I did use more than 2 zucchini because ours were small...probably 4 of the small ones. I also cut the salt back a lot - we just aren't huge salt people. I will make this again & again using different variations....red bell pepper, cayenne, jalapenos...oh I can't wait!! Thanks for a winner JenPo!!

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Mindelicious August 26, 2010

I would love to try this come the summer zucchini glut, but I lack confidence because it doesn't say if its 2 of the 4-6 inch zucchini grocery stores carry, 2 of the 8-10 inch zucchini I'd harvest by choice, or 2 of the big ones that got lost under the leaves for a while. :) A measurement in cups of chopped zucchini would be very helpful. Please?

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3KillerBs March 21, 2007

This is great!! I ate it with carrot sticks to be raw and DD (toddler) munched it down with rice crackers to be gluten free. I would totally like to try this with DH. It does really taste like hummus yet fresher and better.

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UmmBinat October 02, 2010
Beanless Hummus