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I used corn tortillas instead of flour because I didn't have any (too lazy to make homemade flour tortillas). I did have some frozen homemade enchilada sauce that was terrific (thanks to a Zaar recipe). Instead of folding this like an enchilada I left my tortillas as a layer in the pan after coating them in enchilada sauce and continued in layers. Just to kick it up a knotch as Emeril would say, I definitely used way more green chilies (7 ounces instead of 4), and I used half monterey jack and half habanero cheddar because I wanted to make sure it was flavorful and cleared my nostrils. This was very good, and I liked that it had ingredients I'd normally have on hand. Next time I make this, I want to use homemade refried beans...that's another day!

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AmyZoe December 13, 2008

So fast & so easy! I am definitely saving this recipe. I used burrito sized flour tortillas and it made enough for 6 people. I saved one dish in the freezer for another day. I did not used diced green chilis because we are not into spices. Also, I only used 1 tablespoon of beans,corn, and cheese into each tortilla so that it folded nice. Great recipe!

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Luci D'Amico December 08, 2008
Bean, Cheese, and Corn Enchiladas