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well, i "risked" making a 2* recipe but it sounded good to me so went right ahead. am not disappointed. i put some sauce on the tortilla but only a little so it wouldn't get wet and soppy, and then sprinkled over the cheese. i didn't have fresh cilantro so i roasted and ground some coriander seeds - coupled with the cumin it imparted a GREAT flavor. loved this, and am glad i was not not persuaded by the rating to skip it.

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eatrealfood July 21, 2005

This was an excellent dish! I prepared my pinto beans for the filling using Cooked Dried Beans - Cooks Illustrated. Because I wanted the filling to have a creamier texture, instead of mashing with a spoon, I blended half of the bean mixture in a food chopper along with only 2 Tbsp of canned jalapenos. This was the right amount of jalapenos for us, as I like a little spice but can't take full heat. I took eatrealfood's advice and spread some sauce on top of the casserole to keep things moist, then sprinkled on the cheese. At the end of baking I broiled the top a bit too. Served with corn/tomato salsa, sliced avocados, Mexican rice, and Cilantro-Lime Coleslaw. It was great. Thanks Ms.KittyKat.

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averybird January 18, 2012

I loved this. I used brown rice tortillas instead though, because i cannot have gluten. It was fantastic

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slickskydiamond January 15, 2008
Bean Burrito Casserole