Bean and Sesame Seed Spread (Easy Hummus)

Total Time
Prep 10 mins
Cook 0 mins

I like this recipe because it tastes like hummus but doesn't require you to have tahini.

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  1. Place reserved bean liquid, the sesame seed and garlic in food processor. Cover and blend on high speed until mixed.
  2. Add the beans, lemon juice and salt. Cover and process on high speed, stopping occasionally to scrape sides, if necessary, until smooth.
  3. Serve as a spread with wedges of pita bread, crackers or raw vegetables.
Most Helpful

Excellent recipe, makes capital hummus with a nice, creamy consistency. Ironically, I finally found the tahini in my grocery store the day after I tried this. Right next to the matzoh balls and Shabbat candles, not in the Mediterranean section where I expected it... Anyway, I'll definitely hold on to this recipe in order to keep costs down. Thanks a lot!

Bryan Stefan March 12, 2008

I needed a quick hummus recipe, but I couldn't find tahini ANYWHERE. I've never bought it before so i'm probably just overlooking it so i settled for toasted sesame seeds and hoped i could find a good recipe using them. I'm so glad i found this recipe! It was very easy and everyone loved it! I followed the recipe exactly but added a little bit of ground cumin because the flavor was very subtle (which is what i was going for). I will definitely make this again. So much easier than running around looking for the stupid tahini=D

Christineyy! September 23, 2007

this is what i meant to say, a hummus that does NOT require going to the store, paying a million bucks for tahini, when I can find it and stirring the stuff for a long time until you can use. the recipe was delicous and tasted as if tahini was used, authentic and creamy.

mandabears May 20, 2006