Bean and Pumpkin Curry

Total Time
Prep 15 mins
Cook 15 mins

The peanut butter gives this recipe a lovely flavour. It is easy to prepare and it's quicker to cook than ordering take away. You can use frozen beans or peas. Just make sure that the beans or peas are thawed and drained of any liquid. Actually, the basis of this curry can be used for most vegetables. Just let your head go when making it.

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  1. Steam or boil pumpkin.
  2. Blanch beans in boiling water and refresh in cold water.
  3. Cut each into three pieces and set aside.
  4. Heat Wok, and add 2 tablespoons of the thick coconut milk scooped from the top of the can.
  5. Heat through, then add curry paste and fry, stirring constantly, until mixture smells fragrant.
  6. Add pumpkin pieces, beans, bamboo shoots, lemon grass and remaining coconut milk, and simmer for 5 minutes.
  7. Add peanut butter and sugar.
  8. Stir through until sugar is dissloved, add sweet basil leaves and serve with jasmine rice.
Most Helpful

Wowza yowza! I had to make a special trip to my Asian food supply store to get the red curry paste and it was worth it, it's got a great flavor. I didn't have any lemon grass roots, but did have some dried lemon grass, that worked just fine. This curry has a wonderful taste, all sorts of yummy flavors coming together, yet you can still taste each ingredient. I served this with some plain basmati rice, and some lemonade with mint leaves in it, and it was a nirvanic dinner. Thanks Chrissy!

Mirj October 08, 2002

I cooked this last night for myself and my fiance and we both loved it. I felt like a meat-free night and he felt like curry, so it was the perfect compromise! It was the first time I'd made a curry and it was very easy and so tasty. The peanut butter went really well in it as well. I added some carrot and celery along with the pumpkin and beans. It all worked quite well together, but next time I won't put celery with it just out of personal preference. I also served this with basmati rice which made for a really yummy, quick and easy meal. I'll definitely be making this again. Thanks for posting Chrissy!

Sazza October 26, 2005