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This was very good. Throw in any extra veggies you have around...I added zucchini. Excellent low fat, low cal, AND low salt soup. Thanks for posting!

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Wendy G July 24, 2002

Dancer, this is a wonderful soup! I didn't make it for any diety reasons, just 'cause it sounded good and it surely was. I did use 2 cloves of garlic. I used can tomatoes and used the juice from them with the bean juice before adding the water to make 4 cups, just to add the extra flavor. I also added 2 Tbls. of red wine vinegar once the soup was heated through. For pasta, I used a variety of elbows, small shells and ditalini just to give it a little change up and flair. I also threw in some diced left over cooked kielbasa that I had in the refrigerator. When I reheated the left-overs the next day, I added some canned diced tomatoes with their liquid and it was wonderful. It put just the right amount of liquid back into the soup since so much had been absorbed by the pasta. Thanks for sharing such a great recipe to add to my soup collection. It's very similar to a Quick Pasta Fagioli recipe that I will be posting soon, check it out! Again thanks Dancer. Tweeky/a.k.a. Judi

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Judith N. January 30, 2003

A very delicious and healthy soup. I did not vary from the recipe at all and the flavor was not in the least bit bland. I chose to use fresh tomatoes instead of canned. I did have to add tomato juice to the soup the next day because as others have said, the liquid disappeared thanks to the noodles. Thanks Dancer^ for a delicious healthy soup recipe.

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PixieDust June 25, 2003

This soup was easy to prepare and delicious, did not taste bland at all, it being low in sodium. I made the soup with only 2 cups of macaroni rather than 4, but found that the broth was soaked up by the pasta. Next time I add only 1 cup of pasta, but the taste is wonderful and the soup was very filling. On a Weight Watchers point plan, 1 cup amounts to 3 points. Thanks, I will make this again!

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TheDancingCook July 05, 2007

This was a good soup. My kitchen smelled wonderful. But it lacked a little in flavor so I added a little tabasco sauce. Next time I will only use half the macaroni as it took over the whole pot...way too much. All in all it was easy to make and I usually have most of the ingredients on hand.

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Cats Eye November 29, 2005

Very good soup! My family really enjoyed it. I think next time I will add some fresh parsley and spinach. Thanks for the recipe!

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Doreen in CA October 10, 2005

Nice soup, I used red kidney beans and canned tomatoes. The spices were nice with the veggies; it made a good hearty lunch, thanks for sharing.

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Derf March 15, 2004
Bean and Macaroni Soup